4 questions to ask your fence company?

Posted on May 10, 2016

Dover NH Horse FenceWith so many fence companies in MA it is hard to know when a company is truly going to do the best work for you. With so many home improvement scams that have been rumored recently, especially after winter, it is important to do your research before hiring your fence contractor. Garbarino Customs knows that hiring a fence contractor can make you feel like your sinking when you try to find the one who will do the job for you in a timely manner without draining your bank account. Fences are no cheap thins to install for your home, and DIY fence projects can just cause more work for the contractor when they come out if something should go wrong.

So how do you know that you have the best out of all the fence contractors in Massachusetts? You ask questions. Here are four of the most important questions you can ask your fence contractor (a full list can be found here) in order to figure out if the contractor is right for you.

How long has the company been in business?

It is important to know how much experience the company has. Also ask them if they have been in business under another name and research that company too. Don’ be afraid if the company is relatively new to ask how long each contractor has been doing the work. The experience of the contractors is just as important as how long the company has been in business.

Are you licensed and insured?

This question is the first question you should ask any individual or company who comes to work for your home. When they are licensed to operate in the state that they are doing the work it means that they need to keep legitimate files or risk having their contracting license revoked. It makes sure that the individual and the company cannot give you any shoddy work that would ultimately fall on your hands.

As for insurance, this will make sure that anything that could go wrong will be covered by the company and will not fall to you. By having the company insured, if any damages happen or an employer gets injured while on the job you will not need to find the cost to cover damages caused by the company or to the worker while they were working. It is a way to make sure you, the workers and the company are covered against anything.

Who pulls the permits?

This is more along the lines of the town regulations. Ask your contractor if they will be pulling any necessary permits for the work or if it will be up to you as a homeowner. But don’t just ask the contractor! While they may be familiar with the area take it upon yourself to make sure everything is done correctly. If anything is done wrong, your home owners insurance may not cover any damages if the wrong permits were pulled.

Payment and Contracts

This is the final question that is of upmost priority in the legal aspect of hiring a fence company. A contract will allow you to have written documentation of what is expected of the contractor should anything be wrong later down the line. Make sure your contract clearly states costs, materials, timeline and anything else that is pertinent to the job at hand. As for payment, see if it is one upfront payment, if there is a deposit or if you are able to negotiate a payment schedule. You want to make sure that part of the payment is held until after the job is done as protection for you as a home owner.

All of these mainly legal questions are important to ask of all the fence companies in MA you talk to about installing your homes fence. At Garbarino Customs we welcome you to call with any questions at 774-266-0665.