What you should know before you install

Posted on May 20, 2016

Cedar Fence Install by Garbarino Customs in MassachusettsInstalling a fence in Ashland, MA seems like an innocent enough project to start, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you jump into the project. When you start thinking about installing a fence you need to know all the details that comes with the territory, and we aren’t just talking about what material you want to use. While knowing what material you want, the cost, and the maintenance requirements for the fence is important, knowing what comes before you can even start talking with the contractor you hire to install your perfect fence.


Before you decide which fence material you want to use, make sure that all of the codes will be met. Many Home Owners Associations or neighborhoods have a regulation relating to almost everything from height, material even color. If you install a fence you may also need to know where the posts need to be located, the distance from the sidewalk the fence needs to be or even if you need to apply for a building permit. All of these codes and regulations needs to be followed very closely in order for the fence to be erected rather than not.


Talk to your neighbors about what you are planning on doing to your property. Because a fence will go on the property line. It is important to get a map of the property lines so you can know where the fence should be built so you don’t go too far onto their property and vice versa. Also it is important to talk to them because if the two of you agree to put up the fence the cost could be shared. While any agreements between your neighbors should be received in writing, agreeing to share the cost could save you a few bucks for a portion of your fence. As long as your neighbor is okay with your plans to build a fence, then you are all set to consider the next steps.

Material that can be used

Depending on your climate, certain materials can last longer than others. This may also be dictated in your towns codes and regulations. Depending on where you are you may not be able to have a chain link fence but you could do aluminum. That means you need to be able to have back-up material chosen for your fence in Ashland, MA just in case your first choice cannot be used. It is also important to discuss with your contractor about what they can do with your property and fence with the materials they need.

Ground layout

Also look at if you have a slope that you want taken care of too. DIY slopes are complicated to figure out so if you have a slope in your yard it is important for you to talk to your contractor about if the will be able to build a fence on the slope you have. Many times the slope will not be an issue but discuss your options with your contractor at the beginning of the job rather than after they begin the work.

When you follow these few tips for properly making sure that you get the fence of your dreams you can be sure to be happy with your home. Garbarino Customs has been working with fences for 8 years now and would like to show you what our motto “simply better service” can do for you.

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